The other night I awoke, actually, early in the morning around 3:00am, as slices of bright Moonlight scattered onto our bed. I sleepily thought it was the Full Moon, and momentarily thought about dragging myself out of bed, grabbing my camera, and then going out onto our balcony to try and capture and memorialize her Radiant Beauty.

However, I must have quickly drifted back off to slumber as I awoke later in the bright morning Sun. My first thought was, "Oh shucks, I missed capturing the Moon."

However, I learned that tonight was the actual Super Flower Moon. The weather forecast said that we would most likely experience cloud cover and some showers so seeing Her would be spotty at best. I gave up Hope as I was too tired again and didn't want to try and stay up hunting for her in the clouds with my limiting balcony viewpoint anyway.

I did feel bad however.

I ended up taking a shower tonight, and as I was saying my Nightly Prayers, I was gazing out over the city, and low and behold, through the tiny bathroom window, almost thirty-stories up, there she was. Peering around the corner of my building. Just in view.

I finished my shower while gazing upon her Beauty and trying to entertain her with witty and light-hearted conversation.

I didn't rush out of the shower with a towel around me, dripping all over the place trying to get my camera from the bedroom, like I usually would do. I did want to try and capture her before she moved out of view or the clouds, which were gathering around her, obscured her in a protective cloaked embrace.

I just simply Trusted. That She would be there. Waiting. As I enjoyed our conversation and time spent together, instead of always worrying about trying to photographically capture her.

I find myself leaving my camera behind more and more. My morning showers and Prayers are often interrupted by the most Amazing and sometimes Incredible signs in the clouds. Faces. People. Animals. Sometime whole stories forming and morphing across the expanse of the sky.

I used to rush out of the shower, and run naked, dripping, to grab my camera, only to get back in to the shower to find that the ephemeral Ho'ailona was disfigured or gone entirely. It only served to frustrate me. It was disheartening.

I couldn't keep my camera in the bathroom because of the steam and the ill-effects on both electronics and lenses. I could stand there peering out the window, when I wasn't showering, with my camera ready, and not see anything significant for half and hour or more, until my legs grew tired.

So I simply stopped. I no longer seek to capture every Beautiful moment to try and prove to the World that there is more to this Life than meets the eye. I am Blessed to possess many photos over the years of some amazing captures. 

If opportunity arises, I will always seek to capture ho'ailona to share. But I no longer worry about it like I used to. 

I simply enjoy and receive the signs in humble gratitude, and watch them parade past, one after another at times.

The other day, I watched this massive face forming, facing the East and looking upwards. Then to my astonishment, clasped hands formed against the chin of the massive face, then individual fingers formed and were very discernible. My Heart pounded and raced at the sight. 

Then came the realization that I had been mid-prayer, with my hands clasped under my chin, and peering out my window at the Heavens. It was almost an exact mimic of my countenance. I was in disbelief as the form suddenly changed and dissipated.

I had just been learning about resonating with the Universe, of being a co-creator, and it couldn't have been a more powerful affirmation for me to see such a sight.

I now watch the faces form, and send my humble gratitude and greetings, and watch as they morph away. It has opened up a whole new World for me, much of which I often missed always trying to capture the moment. I think I actually ruined many moments, sad to admit.

A final confirmation came this morning, as I watched the most incredible anthropomorphic cloud slowly take shape, with a most Beautiful face. My Heart Pounded and Raced again. Admittedly, it took everything I had to keep myself from dashing out of the shower to grab my camera. It was that incredible. 

But I stayed. I watched. I Prayed. I conversed. I emanated Love and Gratitude. 

And I watched as a massive and thick white feather slowly plummeted from the Heavens, in a back and forth swing motion, falling to Earth, almost in a straight line. Right in front of me, from a clear blue sky.

I couldn't think of a bird it could have come from. It was so dense, I thought it might have been made of a light wood at first by the way it fell. 

And I realized, that had I ran to get my camera, to capture the Amazing face, I would have missed that feather falling. That Beautiful Sign from my Guardian Angel, my Spirit Guide, meant the World to me this morning. It was a Powerful moment.

My Spiritual Growth, Healing and Journey has increased ten-fold in the last two months. I am so humbly grateful.

As I am humbly grateful to have captured the Moon tonight as well. There will be a million captures of the Super Flower Moon around the World tonight. I myself have captured her in her Full Beauty many, many times over the years.

But each capture is always unique. For the eyes we see her with, are not the same eyes as the day before. Nor the same eyes which gazed upon the last Full Moon.

Nor will they be the same eyes that we gaze upon in her next Full Bloom.

We Change each day. We Fall Down. We Get Back Up. We Learn. We Reflect. We Grow. We Heal. 

I am grateful for this time of Reflection. Of Healing. Of simple Radiant Breathtaking Beauty. Of the Human Journey of the Eternal Soul...

I am humbly Grateful for the Healing of Mother Earth right now as well. For her Healing is Healing for all of us. Humanity and all Life here.

In the midst of countless stories of sorrow, tragedy, grief, death and loss, there are many, many more stories of Beautiful Loving Selfless Sacrifice and Stunning Acts of Compassion. Of Birth. Of Rebirth. Of Life. Of Love.

That is not only the World I want to live in, and for our children as well, but when I truly Reflect upon this Amazing Beautiful Life, I find it Truly is the World that I do live in. Right here. Right now...

Thank you Super Flower Moon. Thank you Angel Feathers from the Heavens...

Mahalo Ke Akua...