Tonight I choose to celebrate Beautiful Carmen, also knows as "Aunty Honey", a matriarch of the Nae'ole 'ohana. I am not sure if I ever posted or shared this particular photo because as a photographer, it had technical issues. However, it serves no purpose as a bunch of "ones and zeros" in digital format on one of my many back up drives. To share is to give it Life. To give her Life.

After losing my own Precious Mother in 2010, I was surprised at home many Beautiful Mothers entered my own Life to Beautifully help to fill that powerful void and help me Heal. Aunty Honey reminded so much of my own Beautiful Mother in so many large and small ways.

Through Loving her, I was able to help Love my own Mother, here on this physical Realm, in physical form again, until Carmen's passing two years ago.

I am grateful for having the Beautiful Na'eole 'ohana in my Life. I am also very grateful for sharing their Beautiful Mother with all of us as I treasured my annual trips to Maui for the Celebration of the Arts at Kapalua where I could reconnect with so many Beautiful friends and see Carmen.

Thank you, especially from those of us needing a Beautiful and Precious reminder of our own Mothers. 

Thank you. Love you Aunty Honey. Say Hi to my Mom for me when you see her, and Give Her my Love...