I was in college almost thirty-years ago. My photography class Professor, gave us a themed assignment for the weekend. One of the themes was "Resurrection" and we had to capture an image which evoked the word for us individually.

I talked my dorm roommate and treasured college friend, Tim, to come with me out to the Makapu'u seaside cliffs at about 11:00pm because the full Moon was out. We parked on the desolate roadway, climbed over the guardrail, and slowly made our way down with flashlights, and using the Moonlight where we could. 

Once in awhile, a car would approach, and slow down, at the sight of the bobbing lights descending the dark cliffside, then speeding off most likely figuring that we were night fisherman. 

I carried my camera and tripod and a small bag, trying not so stumble, trip or slide down the rocky cliff, and slide right into the dark rough ocean to my untimely death. 

When we reached the bottom, I set up my tripod, and had Tim carefully climb to the top of a small hill, with the Moonlight behind him. I then adjusted my camera settings the best I could to capture what my Mind and Heart saw and desired. 

This was a film camera. No instant LCD screen to examine what you just digitally captured, to adjust the shots, like photography today. This was old school. You captured, and then it would be few days to process the film ourselves, and then dry it and then expose the photographic paper in another darkroom to determine if your night trip was worth it or had been a total waste of time.

As I opened the shutter, and yelled to Tim to stay as still as he could, in the enveloping winds, I laid down on the cliff rock with a can of  hairspray that I had used to spray my rocker hair, and a lighter, and I sprayed a line of hairspray while lighting it with the lighter making a trail of flames to expose onto the camera film. Hoping it would come out good.

This is the result of those efforts. Resurrection...

When I look at the darkness that enveloped me during my college years, I have so many harrowing stories of situations and decisions that could have easily cost me my Freedom, or even my Life. 

I celebrate Easter quietly, in Humble Reflection, and Sincere Gratitude, for my Greatest Teacher, Confident and Truly Best Friend and Constant Companion, my Beautiful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Or as I affectionally call him, "Yashua." 

He has delivered me so many times from tragic fates and taught me through my own Death and Resurrection, how to truly Savor this Amazing Beautiful Learning Journey of our Soul, the Human Journey.

I also remain humbly grateful for so many other Teachers, including my parents, grandparents, all family and even Ancestors, and the professional education teachers that sacrificed so much through all of my schooling, and who Believed in me, from Pre-School all the way to Law School and Beyond. 

Also Bosses, Co-Workers, Friends, Mentors, and so many others.

I am grateful for all of my Spiritual Teachers as well, from Humble Gifted Friends who tap into the Divine Messengers, to all of my Hawaiian ancestors and Elemental Deities, akua and kupua, who have shared such Powerful Wisdom, including all Sentient Life, in the water and winds, the rocks, plants and trees, and Beautiful Mother Earth herself.

I am grateful for Buddha, the Dalai Lama, and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn, and so many thought provoking storytellers, writers, poets, singers, musicians, playwrights, artists and an array of all Creative Collective Humanity who share their inner Beings.

I have also learned recently, through Beautiful and Humble and Gifted Friends, connecting to Higher Divine Beings and Ascended Masters of Light, that COVID-19 itself, is a Consciousness. Here to teach Humanity important lessons, for a massive Reset of Humanity itself, to Heal Mother Earth, and ultimately save ourselves from...ourselves. 

A virus. Existing in that vague area of Life between the Living and Non-Living biological classification. Yet itself a Consciousness. Honestly, that took awhile for me to cognitively digest, but when I listened to my na'au, my visceral Guide, I understood and accepted it completely.

That instead of reacting with Fear, which only serves to lower our collective vibrations, that we should look and ask, COVID-19, what are you here to teach us?

We have continued as a Species, to exercise our selfish Dominance over all sentient Life here on Earth, including Mother Earth herself. We are taking, and taking, and taking, with no gratitude or consideration for all the other Life that shares this tiny Precious Planet in an Infinite Universe, because of our own desires, wants and consumptive materialistic so-called "needs."

With so many borders in the World, so much Separation from Earth which gives us Food and Life. Separation even from each other. The artificial values, established by the Ego. By Arrogance. By Superiority. By Competition. By Greed. By Establishing the Accumulation of Money as the horrible and tragic Barometer of what constitutes a successful Life in this hurting Society. This hurting World. We are assuredly bringing about our own mass extinction just as other precious Life forms now face. 

These are the messages arriving from the Observers of Humanity's Predicament. Humbly Grateful to my Beautiful Gifted Friends for channeling these messages for us all to ponder, including myself. 

We should focus on the Goodness and Healing that is coming about because of the situation. The signs and stories of Resurrection. The Incredible Moving and Beautiful Acts of Selfless Love and Giving. 

Where Love and Light begin to Spark deep inside and ignite the Flames of Passion, Endless Possibilities, an Opportunity to Live in a New Harmonious, Balanced and Peaceful Way, gives Rise to much needed Hope.

We can keep the Love and Light flowing with Humility and Gratitude, for so many, many Blessings each day, each moment, and especially with each strong clear Breath of Beautiful Life-Giving and Precious Life-Sustaining Air. 

Precious things we so often take for granted each day while we focus on what we lost or don't have...

I have been at Death's somber, yet Beautiful, door before.  The Peace and Calm of knowing you Lived this Life, with Compassion, Kindness, Caring, Love, Forgiveness, Humility and Gratitude, meant absolutely everything in the End...

Treasure and Savor the small meaningful Encounters with Others on this Shared Learning Journey of our Souls. They mean the most in the End of this Journey.

And try to simply Remember the Love and Light which Lovingly Created Us. All of Us. Which Really and Truly is Us...

Life is Truly Eternal as we finally close our Eyes, and take our first steps to begin a whole Other Journey...

So I wish my Best Friend and Greatest Teacher Yashua a most Beautiful and Happy Easter, as I so genuinely and sincerely Wish All of You...

And I have added yet another Amazing Teacher to my ever growing Collective of Spiritual Masters.


Thank you. Love you. With Humility and Gratitude. Always...


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