I choose this moment to share, and Honor, my Beautiful Great-Great-Grandmother, Adelia Bryant. I only have this Beautiful photo of her, and not much else. I can only imagine the hardships she encountered in her Life. The suffering and sacrifices to help the family not only thrive, but more importantly, to survive.

But for her, I would not be here right now. As I gaze upon her countenance, I can feel her Presence aside me, bringing many tears forth, in recognition of her Guidance and Love. I Love her Immensely...

Her family and lineage includes the famous American Poet, William Cullen Bryant, born in 1794 in Massachusetts. I have a little book of one of his poems, Thanatopsis, published in 1894, from my own father. I have included the beginning of the Poem and the ending here as it is quite lengthy. William wrote Thanatopsis about Death. It is believed he wrote it at the age of seventeen. So young, and a Poem about Death. That speaks volumes...

William was also a lawyer and a poet.

He wrote another poem entitled, 'The Disinterred Warrior" which begins with:

Gather him to his grave again,
And solemnly and softly lay,
Beneath the verdure of the plain,
The warrior's scattered bones away.
Pay the deep reverence, taught of old,
The homage of man's heart to death;
Nor dare to trifle with the mould
Once hallowed by the Almighty's breath...

And ends with:

A noble race! but they are gone,
With their old forests wide and deep,
And we have built our homes upon
Fields where their generations sleep.
Their fountains slake our thirst at noon,
Upon their fields our harvest waves,
Our lovers woo beneath their moon --
Then let us spare, at least, their graves!

I sometimes wonder, in addition to my Spirit Guides, Angels and 'Aumakua, how much influence my Great-Great-Grandmother Adelia Bryant and William Cullen Bryant, Guide my Life, my Writing, and my Poetry, from the Otherside of the Veil...

I love them both very much. 

In Humble Gratitude, Always...