Sunday, April 6, 2008

Old Religion...

Sometimes people ask why Hawaiians protect their ancient religious structures in the face of modern development pressures. They reason that the kapu system was overthrown in 1819 by the 'ai noa. The free eating between men and women. Some Hawaiians today still believe in and practice the religion of old. Others are devout followers of a myriad of other beliefs. We all are connected through our 'ohana back to our kupuna, our ancestors, to time immemorial. 

We protect these ancient structures because they help us reconnect with our past. They help us reconnect with our beloved kupuna who built them. Who gave them life. Who brought them death. Who in their death, gave us life. As Ke Akua is our witness. We shall not forget nor wantonly destroy those things which are not ours.

Some of my beloved kupuna sacrificed some of my other beloved kupuna. Both suffered greatly. While I painfully acknowledge the longing for, and loss of, the innocent. I also acknowledge the forgiveness for the transgressors. Where there was no forgiveness for violating the law of kapu. There is for the law of God. Such is the way of Ke Akua. Such are the lessons for my own life...