Sunday, January 29, 2017

History and Herstory....

I watched these Flags ripple and undulate in the night winds above Ali'iolani Hale and above Kamehameha. I thought about the ancestors on my Father's side of the family, Native and non-Natives, who fought in the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the World Wars, the Civil War, and even the American Revolutionary War. I could feel their sadness at what has been occurring in the United States of America. Believe it or not, it doesn't have anything to do with Politics. It has to do with Love and Spirituality. 

I could also feel my ancestors on my Mother's side equally saddened at what has been going on in Hawai'i. Native Hawaiians and non-Native Hawaiian ancestors who pledged allegiance to the Kingdom of Hawai'i. They Loved the Land. They Loved Each Other. They Dreamed of a Kinder, More Peaceful, Loving and Healing World for their Descendants. We are those Descendants. 

It is going to stop with this Generation. No More. My Native Hawaiian kupuna lived in a Political World and a Spiritual World. Death of a Paramount Ruler transferred care of the Politics to one heir and care of the Gods to another heir. I am done with the Political World. Time to Summon the Spiritual Forces and Prepare for Battle...