Sunday, January 8, 2017


I decided to try and write tonight in my special place I had set up. The night air is cool and crisp which is a pleasant reprieve from the usually humid and muggy nights we had this Summer. I have been digitizing my CD collection and listening to songs that I hadn't heard for years, some in decades. It helps me write when I listen to period music and write about those years. Memories and emotions come flooding back and I try to commit that energy into the words that flow. 

I can see Venus and Mars shining in the night sky above me. Even with my less than stellar eyesight, I can see the reddish tinge of Mars. I know from my constellation application that Neptune is lined up between them as well, and aligned above sits Uranus, although my eyes strain to see any light that far away. When I start to reminisce about people in my Life, and those that I have encountered, especially those now in the Heavens, waves of emotions flow over me, easily moving me to tears. The open lines of Energy are so strong from above. 

I thought I would write up and finish Meredith's story first, the beautiful woman and divorcee who survived on the streets for over ten-years and who was such an inspiration to me and so many others. She never lost her own Humanity and Compassion for others suffering, even though she herself underwent horrible trials. She wanted to leave a Legacy for other women who may find themselves equally distraught and facing seemingly unsurmountable circumstances, and share with them that if she could survive, so could they. She died tragically soon after finding more permanent shelter and wasn't able to share some parts of her story that she had wanted to. How quickly she learned what does, and what doesn't, matter in Life. The things you want. The things you truly need.

The minute, however, that I start to think and recall about our time together, I can't help but sit here crying such that my eyes can't see the computer screen as well, and my nose quickly clogs up. It is still raw I guess. I can feel her energy and presence and it is a little too overwhelming right now. I guess I will try again later. I know she will understand that it is not the time yet, as too many loved one have passed on recently and my emotions are too intense and on the surface now.

Good thing I have work to do for my job and financial aid applications to work on for Elliott's college applications. That should keep me busy tonight for now, as Venus, Neptune, Uranus and Mars keep watch...