Monday, August 25, 2008


With the price of gas only going up. I decided to look at alternative modes of transportation. Electric vehicles are not bad but they have their limitations. I found a reasonably priced vehicle at Toy's R Us. The boys loved it. I figure we can charge it every night. Then they can drive to their respective schools. And then be picked up at the end of the day putting their vehicle in the trunk of our gas guzzler. 

I saw an electrical outlet in the hallway of our floor. One which the maintenance guy for our building uses when vacuuming or for running the big industrial fan after shampooing the hallway carpet. I could use that outlet at night to recharge the car battery saving even more money. As long as my neighbors didn't rat me out. I think they like me too much to squeal but you never really know.

The boys enjoyed driving the cars around the store. I trust Koa only when his older brother, Elliott, is with him. When Koa was by himself, he tried to pick up girls in the toy store by offering them a ride in his red cruiser. I came to the harsh realization that some boys just can't be trusted. No matter how cute and innocent they appear to be. Good thing I don't have a daughter. Koa's charms even overcome his missing teeth and bad bangs haircut. Scary...