Monday, October 13, 2008


Saturday morning's clean up of a sacred traditional Native Hawaiian landscape was very special. One group participating in the hard work were about a dozen women from Ka Hale Ho'ala Hou No Na Wahine. The Home for Reawakening of Women. Most of these women, many of whom are Hawaiian, have had their lives shattered by addiction, abuse, isolation, and poverty. The Program provides a safe and supportive environment where the women feel like part of an 'ohana, a family. Culturally based programs reunite the women with the foundation of their culture. Rooted to the 'aina. The land. And their ancestors.

I had the honor of sharing some time with about 15 of these women when they visited my workplace several months ago. It was a short presentation but powerful with the mix of 'uhane in the room from troubled past lives seeking forgiveness and direction. The exchange was so visceral, most of us cried by the time our sharing was over. It was so uplifting for me.

Then to be able to see some of these same women again. Out in the land of our ancestors. We embraced in recognition and the power of the love and forgiveness of our kupuna was still as strong as when we last parted. Some shared about how our time together was so powerful.

Little do they know. Just how much they inspired me. Some had their children with them. To perservere through such challenges and obstacles. To regain dignity and a sense of purpose in life. To retain the most beautiful qualities of womanly strength. My accomplishments in life pale in comparison to the inner strength and fortitude of these women to break the vicious cycles of life they found themselves spiraling downward in. When we embrace. It is truly I whom am reawakened. It is I whom is truly humbled.

Thus when I found the beautiful red ginger blooming up the trail from where we were working. I instantly knew it was for them. For while the brilliant red blooming ginger overwhelms with its gorgeous showy beauty. It is not the true flower. But a pretty facade. The true flowers are the little pure delicate blossoms which subtly and quietly open into brilliant white points of reflected sunlight. You go girls. You let those brilliant white blossoms light up this world. We are all counting on you...